Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ray Bradbury Noun List

This is a writing challenge from Daily Post
Write a new piece with 10 nouns from one of their listed sources (Bradbury's sample list, My own, Daily Post, a friend's, or a randomly generated one) The idea is to combat writer's block and also helps with a bit of thinking outside the box, creating a muse, etc. I opted for creating my own noun list and out came this micro-fiction piece. Thanks for reading.

The Noise. The Heart. The Street. The Drugs. The Dealer. The Island. The Space. The Buildings. The River. The Music.

She couldn’t escape the loud music, coming from the radios, blaring from the TVs, the too loud island people. For some reason they didn’t seem so loud back home but something about the cemented street, the nonexistent rivers, and project designed living spaces made them so much louder here. At night, she would lie in her bed trying to push the music out of her head, trying to sleep so she could get up for school in the morning. Her mother would wake her up with more loud noise, the talking heads of Spanish radio with their sexist remarks and sexual innuendos. Silence existed in one place, the empty spaces between the buildings, the spaces adults ignored, where kids let lose. The noise invaded her head to the point where she was not even able to have a single quiet contemplation of the heart. The only people that bothered looking at her were the local drug dealers. They would call out to her on the way from school: “Hey gorda, ven aqui. Want to make some quick money?” She was definitely tempted. As sick as she was of being sent to the local bodega with WIC coupons, asking Jorge if he would allow her mom to buy cigarettes with them even though they also needed milk. No one ever died just drinking water, her mother would say, but shit would definitely go down if she didn’t get her smokes. Life sucked at its finest here. 


  1. Addiction is the fatal flaw of our cerebral system... Congrats on the powerful piece.

    1. ooh I have that fatal flaw for sure. Thank you for reading, that means a lot coming from an imaginative fiction writer such as yourself.