Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Readership Award

Thank you DragonSpark, for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nomination. I am honored, especially because it's coming from someone with highly impressive writing skills and fantastically creative storytelling. His thought process and ideas defy his young age. (He also happens to be a wonderful reader!)

Per the nomination process, I must define what it means to be a great reader:

A great reader is a lot of things, fluid and versatile yet challenging to define in one particular way. First and foremost, for me, being a reader and being a listener go hand in hand; they both require effort and patience, are impressive when done right, and the end result of acquired knowledge make both totally worth it. When a great reader gets through an article, an essay, or a book they have traveled in time to other dimensions, other worlds and met an array of people who have offered her or him, an opportunity to live their lives alongside them. A great reader has empathy, curiosity, and high intelligence. She or he asks questions without interrupting; without judgment, she or he absorbs information in a nonpartisan manner, and has lived a thousand lives without ever looking up from the written text. That is magic in its more surreal form.

Luckily there are a ton of great readers in the world we live in. The majority of us are so fully absorbed between the pages of our latest book that we fail to notice much of the drama that unfolds around us. This is both good and bad depending on your perspective. I’d like to think “we” great readers are not alarmists; considering we’ve lived every tragedy, drama, and world changing affair via all the classical literature, great novels, and pieces we’ve read. The idea is that once you’ve read Shakespeare, current events don’t seem as impressive. A great reader is also diplomatic, somewhat respectful of rules of grammar (or at the very least in awe of the great possibilities language offers us) and a creative thinker.

P.S. I am currently reading 2 books: A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking and Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. I don’t normally approve of reading two books at once but they are so vastly different and both due back at the library soon, so I had to speed things up.

Since the majority of my friends are great readers, but don’t have blogs, I am branching this outside the blogging world and tagging their fabulously nerdy selves on Facebook.

I hereby nominate the following 5 people for Wonderful Team Member Readership Award:

1.      Amber Morabito
2.      Mary Ellen Massa
3.      Joan Velazquez
4.      Diana Pinkett
5.      Elizabeth Tam Helmuth

Please see below for the rules:

1.      Define what it means to be a good reader (on your Facebook status)
2.      Nominate or tag who you think deserves this award
3.      Add a PS to what you are reading. 


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  2. Thank you, Patricia, for nominating (and thinking) of me for this challenge.

    I am not quite sure what it means to be a good reader and in general, how to define one. And I don’t know if I am a good reader.

    Allow me to share my own experience of reading at an early age. My parents are of the immigrant (first) generation and while growing up, they never read to my siblings and I. Their elementary school-level education and inability to become completely fluent in English propelled them to send my sisters and I to the library every single weekend. Reading was critical in our household; it was our form of entertainment and my sisters and I developed a love for reading very early on. Sister #1 loved classics. Sister #2 loved romance novels. Sister #3 loved sci-fi and science. I read just about anything, age-appropriate. My sisters and I became avid readers and whenever and wherever possible, we would have our books in hand and would read away. I brought my book everywhere, and to my parents’ disapproval, even the dinner table. Reading nowadays is not like the old days! I still yearn for the pleasure of a good book and I mean the real MaCoy! I love the feeling of turning each and every page, the smell of a (new) book, and the sound of the spine cracking. Oh, and I prefer hardcover, if possible. Call me a traditionalist.

    When reading, I keep an open mind, allow the author to take me there – place and time, and I relish in a world of imagination, at my own pace. It is not forced. My reading experience can vary; the obvious being, reading for creativity and pleasure versus reading for a purpose, such as for school or work – for example, deconstructing an author’s work. Regardless, I suppose my reading strategy includes: diligence and attention of the story or plot, from beginning to end. Some readers will fast track by reading the last chapter even before starting the first page of chapter one. There are no tactics or short cuts on my end. And thus far, this seems to work for me! Does this make me a good reader?

    Reading is dreaming with open eyes. -YoYo

    I would like to nominate:

    1. Adam Balm
    2. Berta Bejarano
    3. Mary Helmuth

    P.S. - I am currently reading: Tiger Babies Strike Back, by Kim Wong Keltner

    1. You have the best stories Elizabeth. This really took me back, and made me feel like I was reading a mini novel. I love how your parents managed to instill that great love of books despite all language barriers. And look at the result. The analogy is just perfect - but who skips to the end chapter? That is outrageous behavior! ;-) xoxo PS I'm scared to read Tiger Babies Strike Back because I was a big fan of Tiger Mom.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, though I'm unsure about my deserving them ^_^ I am a good reader for a good reason: you write quality pieces, filled with insights I could never have. I look forwards to seeing what you do here, and hope that I will one day be fully able to receive such praise. Thank you!
    PS-I like the new theme!
    PSS-That school article I talked about might be delayed because of... well, school! XD

    1. Thank you so much! I enjoy reading your pieces too, especially the crazy rush adrenaline ones. That is a gift you have!